The past many months of my life have been the best ones I’ve ever had in my life. After a series of unending contretemps, my life entered an entirely new stage. I started realizing the meaning of the word happiness. Many individual lows later, I struck jackpot of contentment – it all started with a decent CAT Score, which set off a spree of revelry. There was nothing to celebrate about, really as despite the score, no B School had called me, mainly because the score caught me a shocker and that I hadn’t applied anywhere. Yet, it was a huge personal morale boost and I virtually had a ball with my buddies. Of course, I ended up being a lot poor (bankrupt, actually). But yet, the lightness of the empty purse brought a smile onto my face, for the first time. 

Before I deviate further, let me get on to my point – the prime reason behind my happiness ain’t the CAT score and the ensued happiness. It’s nothing far-fetched, so to speak. I was just too happy about college life getting over and me moving to some hopeful greener pastures.

Aghast as it might seem at the outset, I was EXHILARATED at the thought of moving out of the ‘comfort’ (ahem) of my ‘wonderful college’, into the portals of this big bad world. To fight it out with the rest of ‘em 6 billion human beings 😛 . To even die fighting!! Let me make it crystal clear for you, every moment I spent in this super-awesome college of mine was exhaustingly-crappy. I was stomped upon, berated, and pinned onto the wall in every way possible, during my life in that weak excuse of an educational institution. All I’ve left is a few buddies – some endearing people, whom I adore who are exactly my “best friends”…

The first sight was app(e)al(l)ing, the ‘HUGE” buildings, the friendly, super-awesome teachers, the mind-blowingly endearing staff (apologies for the hyperbole, but I’m truly short of words here, if you know what I mean. Then on, there was no looking back. Life was a cycle – from bad to worse and a vice versa. . It’s been so, for the past 3 years and I’ve had every screw up an 18-21 year old could’ve gone through.

In an optimistic manner of speaking, it was all for good. I learned a LOT. I learned how tough life is with back papers. I had to accept serious insults to my intelligence. I had to live with crap being hurled on to me on a daily basis. I saw bitching, up close and personal. I learned how life would be in shambles once you choose to be different. I learned how being original and creative is WRONG! I learned the value of mugging. I learned how bits of paper save lives in exam halls. I learned every lesson about unrequited love – about how it feels to be in love with a classmate for over three long years and not mentioning it to her – being so sure that she’d reject me; (still haven’t done that and don’t intend to either). Worse of them all – I learned how closing my eyes to the piled up shit would dig my grave deeper. Now that it is over, and I’m elated that I’m finally getting an opportunity to let go of everything and move on.

Looking back, I’m clearly worse-off than what I was, when I started. Of course, I did gain a lot, other than valuable experiential lessons. A course in management brought out the creative in me. Had I studied elsewhere, the budding creative in me would’ve been stillborn. But the technology ‘education’, if I may call it so undeservedly, killed the manager in me – and today, I’m a full-blown creative. And I’m happy about it !!

Doesn’t mean I’d miss college – I’d miss the buddies, I’d miss the occasional good times, I’ll miss the random moment of fun. I’d even miss being in unrequited love, don’t think I’ll see her, although I wish I did…. – she’ll evidently soon be departing for greener pastures, while I’m stuck in good ol’ desert. 😉 />

On that note, I bid adieu to three years of college life…..Three beautiful years……