Some where in the deep dark depths of the Facebook world….lies a group….a group of  friends who are endearing and benevolent to each other and their companies….This is the place where they know they can share their most darkest secrets and their emotions and desires to say the least…They fight,they curse, they follow sarcasm religiously but share the love and rejoice to their spirit of friendship each and every day….They are very few close friends i have…..some who know my life in and out…The’r always been there for whenever i needed them….come what may….The distances between all of us are great….But then we’r friends after all….Friends for life….Friends who’v promised to be there for one another come what may….Friends who’ll be the same even when they’r 80 plus without teeth and hair….We had been together for a better part of our lives but then it was destiny that i developed such a special bond with them…And yes Aarushi…I have tried to keep the language as simple as i can 🙂

Nayan and Dev (Finely Fickled Assholes)

Two words define their lives…..Football and Friends….. unprecedented winners and achievers in their own ways they are the jokers of the pack….It’s their beautiful sense of humor and intriguing charisma that makes them so bearable…Their genuine smiles can make your day….”Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.” One’s a mama’s boy the other is a rebel….I don’t know why i have tagged them together….but for a certain reason that i know….I’m not wrong to do so….One’s a drunkard while the other’s a teetotaler…One’s a hardcore Liverpool fan while the other worships Eric “The King” Cantona and Sir Alex Ferguson….They may be so apart from each other but still when they are together….It’s magic….Sarcasm and sadism’s most lethal combination that can even put to shame anyone in their way….It’s the purity of their hearts that strikes u the most…and that’s what stays there 🙂

Aarushi and Birju (When the world went :O)
Well here’s one of the most interesting and intriguing couple i’v ever seen….It’s like they’s just perfect for each other… some how in a magical way that perfectly compliments the way that they, their behaviors and their actions just fall out to be….It’s just beautiful to watch the synchrony that they have and the magic that they create when they get together…Their bonding is just a beauty to watch….Birju’s the all out “What the heck guy” to which Aarushi contrasts by her caring nature….Birju’s a hothead…a risk taker….Aarushi’s the calmest mind in the group…And boy don’t they look good together…Nuff said though….The Redneck and The Mother hen :D….My best wishes fellas XD