Please give me another chance
We can make things the same
Bring those days back again
All I need is just one chance

All the wonderful moments spent together
We could keep holding on forever
The moments spent in sun and rain
We can bring them back all again

I love you with all my heart
What I just cant do is part
Let us bring back our lost time
I promise everything will be fine

Let me hold you again
I’ll take away all your pain
All I ask is for another chance
Just look at me and give me a chance

You can trust me all right
I promise you never again will we fight
Forget the harsh words and come out of the dark moods
Show me your lovely smile
That same one at least for a while
Don’t break my heart
It’ll tear me apart
I can never ever leave you
‘Cos darling I truly love you

There’s a vacuum in every heart
But you’ll not find that in mine
‘Cos in every bit and every part
You’ll find your portrait shine

You can’t be so unkind
Walking away leaving me behind
Trust me again
Give me your hand
Deep inside I feel the pain
Of a broken heart that needs to be mend
Its only you who can heal
And change the way I feel

I know I’ve hurt you and made your heart pain too
Give me another chance
I’ll take away the darkness from your life

My heart aches if you cry
Please wipe those tears dry
Let this dark night get over
And let a new morning enter our lives
I want to show you how much I care
I want you back at any cost
Our love cannot be come the past

Please o please let me try again
I can take away all your pain
All i ask is one more chance
Just a chance… A mere chance…