Things are not always what they look like. ..

In a perfect world, the truth would probably pop out like babies from a mother’s womb, but the manifestation of the truth is a learning in itself. Like astronomy. Many fingers would point in accusation to the fears inside one’s head, and sometimes heart, which leads to such manifestations

In simpler words, people lie because they are afraid of what the truth might do to them :\

The irony of the matter is, no matter how much one goes about proclaiming truth to the world and advocating against lies and liars alike, we all lie. To one another, to ourselves. Lying to one another is of course reprimanded socially, but what I am more interested in is how we lie to ourselves

It may be harmless, like thinking to oneself something like “You can do it” when trying to achieve a seemingly impossible feat. Or it can be uplifting, like “You’re such a good-looker!” and the mirror almost cracks! It can be depressing, it can be romantic – it can be almost every emotion we want it to be. Why? Because we, as a species capable of emotions, want to experience emotions even when the environment does not produce that particular emotion by itself. At least that’s what I think

The reason I write all this insane gibberish is because I experienced emotions recently which have made me to stop lying to myself. Where I stand with a clear mind on what, who or how I am and it makes me reflect on what I used to tell myself. What I used to lie to myself about.

No more… 🙂