The name’s been racing all over the country..He’s on the lips of a billion Indians…One man, did it to get us independent and another is doing it again to get us independent again from the word corruption…But will he be able to do it ?? God bless him, I hope…The feeling I get that is the Indian society has enough, may it be from the traffic policeman who turns his badge around, demands 500 rs and gives a receipt of 100, or whether is the public services officials whose table drawers open at both ends ?? Corruption runs deep in the Indian society, interwoven with its culture, it’s a way of living I’ll go on to say…We cannot think of getting any administrative work done without a bribe,it’s a bloody crime to even think of it..The society today is a parallel abyss of those corrupt politicians and social servants who are fearing the back lash of the Lokpal bill will have on them, and the other is a large group of Indians, normal people who break their backs to make ends meet while the people in power lap up the funds and resources, which were meant for the people of the nation, for their own personal use ?? It’s India time to reckon and shine…It’s people have fully understood the implications and the cause of the bill and thus have ensued to remind the government that this is a democracy and the Indian middle class is no longer to be taken more lightly…India’s out on the streets…and they are calling you…Let’s go Anna…We are with you 🙂

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