Will I ever love again?
A question on my mind
Will I ever love another?
Like you in this life

If it was meant to be it’ll happen
This is what I am told
But I fear I won’t find another
And will die alone

Will I ever love again?
I really miss you now
Will I ever love again?
Thinking about it just brings me down

I wake up at night
With sweat in my eyes
My heart starts pounding
And I begin to cry

Well it’s better to have loved
And I still have my memories
They’ll always make me happy
And set my heart at ease
today I learned a lesson
that will always be true
saying goodbye to someone
is the hardest thing to do

I’ve never felt a loss
until I said goodbye
I thought I was strong
and I broke down and cried

never will I forget
the times we had
though the reflections are happy
it makes me rather sad

the most brutal of men
cries at the past
I only wish
the good times would last

so I humor myself
I’d smile if I could
why can’t things work out?
Because life isn’t supposed to be that good