Rape victim

Remember Remember,O India,this December..
Where women are not safe and Protesters are cannoned..
Remember this fire,Remember the injustice given..
For we sit silent on the verge of a revolution..
A Government,which we elect,sits uptight on the notion,
And the men sworn to protect,are the ones who hit without hesitation,
Remember Remember,O India,this December..
A one filled with hate and a stark glorification,
A nation where goddesses are worshiped,
But it’s women raped in the open..
A country where women do not step out in the dark without hesitation,
While the lust hungry wolves roam out in the open,
Without boundaries or fears they lay their hands on our women open,
The people around them silent for the fear of defamation,
They crib and they cry,but their own safety do they not let deny,
They condemn the acts,but take no prevention,
So is the Government of this great nation..
We protest in peace,with no arms or action,
Still they rain upon us without justification,
We merely demand an answer which was not given,
Remember Remember,O India,this December..
Where the nation cried,
To the pains and the sufferings the daughters of this country have been given..

I am but a writer..and this is how I show my support..For as an Indian..and more importantly as a man..It is my duty to help and protest..Let us not kill the fire..Keep it burning alive, till humanity in the nation is alive.

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