I scream but no one answers.
My own scream echoes back.
Endlessly, repeatedly,
Teasing me, taunting me.
It echoes in my mind,
In the empty place around me.
This is the silence,
It tortures me.
I scream, I scream again.
No answer, just the silence.
The very air is still,
It’s heavy, smothering me.
Why doesn’t someone answer?
Can’t they hear me?
Of course they can’t…
I’m alone with silence

I made a mistake to weave the dream of love from the string of words.

I brought my heart on the paper to breath life in words

I wrote the story of my love in the ink of tears.

It was the truth like the thorns in stalk of roses the tears in the way of love without the stab in heart love is the incomplete word.

The beauty of love in the darkness of broken heart colorful shade of love driven by wounds of the heart..