Enough blood has been shed. Enough tears have been wept. Enough pages have been ripped from the seams of books and enough cigarette butts have been rubbed against the walls to quiet them. Enough nights have been spent naught, staring out that moon, replaying the same story in my mind over and over again. Enough work has been done. Enough thought has been given to over come this bloody writer’s block.

Make no mistake. This blog post is not for you. It is for me. It is for so that I shun my misappropriations and write. Do something I have been aching to do, yet have been held back friends and foes alike, the very ones whom I’ve called my own.

I am tired. I am done. I am at a stage in life where I am not an adult yet no more the child. The adult in me refuses to believe this and the child fears at growing up. Family, Friends, Work, Dreams, Ambitions, Targets, Budgets, Fears, Expectations. In an manner of three mere years, life has shown me all that it could.

Living for others, fighting for others, making sure that the dreams you are expected to do are completed before your own. “Am I what I want to be ? ” is a question I ask myself, daily. I have been back stabbed,broken,beaten,shattered,left for the dead,cheated upon and my dreams, my work..has been snatched away from me. For what ? For what fucking what ?

A stable life ?

A stable job ?

A stable bank balance ?

A stable future ?

Well I say fuck this stable shit and this so called shit I’ve been taught and imposed upon since I have been a kid. Not only by my parents, peers, teachers but each and every fucking cunt of the society I have come across.
We live in a world of jealousy, where people want us to be happy, but not at the expense of us, out doing them. Bondage, sniggers and thrives amongst us, as we bind our bloody minds at stifling talents of the ones who dare, who fucking dare out grow us.

We are the ones happy with mediocrity and the lowliness of our mind sets. Letting life screw us royally while we sit and fucking admire and awe the men and women who had the balls to live up to their dreams. We have our own set of social fuck ups who when in a crowd have less IQ than that of a newborn.

Yes I am a rebel and I have no qualms in being the outcast if you make me be. You say I am a disgrace and so I shall be. Because fuck you and your fucking society. You have made me one. I am one of you after all.

Just another fucking common man.