Day 2, Story 2

Black as the night, it rose from the horizon, it’s black wings blocking out the light from the sun. A sudden darkness fell over the kingdom, with only it’s yellowed neck a speck of light in the morning sky. It seemed as it had swallowed the fire lord of the sky himself. The majestic apparition was held in awe by the mere spectators of the kingdom, until the menial who sounded the alarm was crunched and swallowed into the beast’s fire belly.

And thus it began.

The farms and the fields were the first to go, the stony structures reduced to mere crumbles in a matter of brush against them by it. Soldiers ran to push battle formations but the mere small weapons proved to be little help against the thick hide of the beast. Most of them were burned to ashes even before they could raise there weapons. The creature of the night, arched itself on a tower, flames burning bright all over where ever it veered it’s ugly deathly head. It was death from above for little Sam, as locked his eyes with the beast and raised his wooden sword to it, which lay charred on the ground the very next moment.

The murderer of the king, towered above the beast, far away in his castle, watching his kingdom razed to the very ground his forefathers built it from. the screams of his people filling the air around his ears, all the while twitching with the firestone, as suddenly, the beast turned towards him, gazed upon him and took off in his direction.

– The Radical Guy.