So this is a Twitter exercise by one of my poet friends, Mr. Ashu, who very generally proposed that we take up a challenge to get our creative juices flowing and for some reason I could not bring myself to say no, even when I know that the stagnancy in my creativity has come to the brim, but well challenges being challenges, here we are. Hope I do this every single day of April month, for the lazy arse I am, I shall have to push and prod myself too. Here’s hoping you’ll love these single page stories everyday as much as I love to write them out.


The Radical Guy..


Day 1, Story 1

” God Speed my king” , he whispered, as the body held by him, twitched and turned but unable to cry for help. It tried to bring up it’s arms to it’s eldest son, but they never rose.

He hushed the weak attempts of his king, circling his fingers to the place where the knife lay buried in his back. The glistening moonlight offered little solace to the weak king, watching the life ebb out if him, watching as he again groaned and twitched again and again as the blade was replaced in his back, and as he fell silent and slump, a moment after the sickening noise of a cracking spine, rang in the room.

“God speed, my king” he spat as he sheathed his blade, and with a swirl of his robe, walked off into the moonlight, his boots clattering on the stoney ground, walking on the blood spilt from the guards necks that lay outside the room.