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Swamped with people, he hardly got his eyes up from texting his girlfriend, did he realize that he was lost, with Jennifer nowhere in sight. Like a lost kid, his heart raced as the panic took over, he scanned the teeming crowd in the busy junction. People bumped him aside, elbowed into him, glared at him. For a moment the vastness of the population got to him, but he too was a Delhite after all. The vastness of the crowd was not new to him, nor was the magnanimity of the city. He straightened his messenger bag and turned on the GPS on his phone. The office of Headlines Now lay quite a bit ahead, with a labyrinth of streets between him and it. He looked around for Jennifer, but the girl now where to be seen, he assumed she’d make her own way to Tara’s office, although he still doubted why Shekhar had dropped them so far away when he said he knew the place.



“Well well well, what do we have here?” leered a voice to Jennifer, beneath the mask that covered her face. “ I thought we taught you well enough not to be followed, eh!” the angry bearer jerked her hood right off , leaving her blinding for moment. She spoke nothing. She wanted to kick herself for being so stupid, for letting down herself in front of her behter like this. It had all been a blur for her. The hooded man, the blow to the neck and she remembered nothing afterwards.

“I expected you to do better when you came back. I have waited for ten years for this chance, a chance to pay by my mulk back for all that she has given me”, the figure said stood with her back to her.

“I will now fazilat, I will not disappoint you now”, she stood up, meekly walking towards him.

“You better, or else you shall face a bullet yourself. There are many other cells like you who would rather give down their lives for a mission with such magnanimity and reach that will have the kafirs shaking in their boots in a way that they shall never imagine. After all only Kashmir was not only what we wanted from them. I will not let you fail us”.

Anger dazzled in those graphite eyes, the golden frames amplifying the effect of the cold hardness these eyes had possessed. Her voice caught in her throat, as the ever smiling face had a shade of sinister on it now. He lit a cigarette and puffed out the contents right at her.

He reached out and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into him. Seizing the moment, she pressed herself hard against him, feeling her nipples harden against his body. He turned up her face to admire her beauty, merely seconds before he attacked her lips. Their tongues found each others and playfully fenced back and forth as he put his hands inside the small garbs that barely covered her body. Reaching up behind her, he grabbed a handful of her thick hair and exposed her soft, subtle neck. She stiffened at first, but relaxed as she succumbed to his strength, letting him explore her neck, shoulders and her breasts with his tongue, an act they had done many a times before.



“And you are?” an overly makeup done face smiled back at him from behind the desk.

“Cyrus Daruwala, I’m here to meet Mrs. Tara, Senior Manager. And I have an appointment. She would be expecting me”

Tara was engrossed in her laptop when he knocked on her cabin door. She looked up, smiled with a sense of recognition.

“Hello Cyrus, I had been expecting you. I do hope your trip from Delhi was an uneventful one. How’s aunty’s health now ? It’s been a while since I’ve visited Delhi yet mother does keep me informed of the gossip in our building”

“Mother’s doing fine now. She’s much better after we changed doctors. I was really thankful that I could get a chance to come down here to meet you though. I so want to make a career in Media law and dad said that I should talk to you first and get to know the industry”

“Oh yes of course. I would be more than happy to help you on the same, but first tell me where have your made your arrangements to stay ?”

“I’ll be staying with my aunt in Andheri, although I must tell you I met a guy coming here who offered to show me the city and even give a place for me to stay and another woman named Jennifer who also said she was coming to meet you too. Weird guy I must tell you, said he was a writer or sorts. Shekhar, yes, Shekhar he said his name was”

“Shekhar? “ A concerned brow was made by the woman across the table from him.

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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