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Team Blog-o-holics Entry No 8, Week 2

He removed his cap as they fished out the body and lay it on the ground, the strain on his neck growing taut. He hurled the half smoked Marlboro the ground, crushing the tobacco stick under his heavy boot. His black aviators hid out the growing anger in his eyes. He wanted to rush over to the body, scream and shout at his subordinate to get up, but he maintained his composure. He walked over calmly and kneeled down. The body was white and bloated and it’s the skin peeling off at places. The stench was almost too putrid to make someone gag. He had a right hand missing, probably chewed off from the creatures in the sea. The fishes had done their damage to his face too, as his left eye was left hanging from its original position with nothing for the lips and cheeks to cover up the face. His body had no sign of bullet or knife wounds. They emptied his pockets only to find his id card with the stamp of RAW on top of it. The cleaners as they were called nodded to him. With a swift gesture of his hand, he pointed them to take the body away for autopsy.

He had witnessed deaths of several agents in his illustrious career, but the man he had lost had been his subordinate and closest friend in the Area 1 Pakistani Department of RAW. The Marlboro was back and lit again as he and his team walked back to their cars. The findings of the day had to be as kept discreet as possible as he saw the looming of media vehicles from far above the bridge. He should not have gone alone; he replayed the thought over and over again in his head. Samar Pratap, Code Name, Samson, was a skilled overbearingly huge solider, who was handpicked from the Military Intelligence Squad by his RAW superiors. A sharp eye, and a well-built physic were only some of the strengths he had drawn from the military squad. A mission hardened team he lead, a slew of equally gifted agents. And the one that he knew had his back always was being whisked away. The mission had been as selected one for him. A one very personal for the reason he and his friend had fought back to back in the frosty hills to capture the Tiger Hill under the Operation Vijay. They had lost many a brethren back there too, the aftermath of the war still quite evident in his dreams.

How did they know it was him? He growled, speaking to himself, the anger in his voice quite evident. He was not a man to be easy on trust with anyone, not even his team. “Is there a mole amongst us? “the question burned through his mind. He hopped into the driving seat of his SUV and with a mind still boggling with questions, drove off to the house of Roger, Aka Rajeev Mishra to break the news to his family.

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