In life I have stumbled upon many people, some still are in my life, some no more..Yet what makes them special is the fact that we have memories with each other..Here are some of my own..Times that I have spent with them..Some would know it is for them, some would not..Yet they are there, and here I am..

The girl stepped below from the staircase across from the sofa he sat at and the moment he saw her, a strong adrenaline rushed through his body. It had been too long, way too long. The hotel receptionist became oblivious. His heart started pumping faster but his breathing got slower. With each breath he inhaled, his lungs expanded, his heart pounded, his pupils dilated and his mind went into more oblivion. He was not able to take his eyes off her. She wore a simple yoga pants and a jacket. Clutching her hand was a little kid, their eyes met and she smiled at him, shying, for the company around and at that very moment he felt an emotion never felt before. She looked like a woman who was not scared of exploring her wild side but still a woman who would give no guy any excess baggage. Her milky complexion, her long curly soft hair tied in a loose bun with few strands swinging on her bare shoulders and falling on her face in a way as to make it look as beautiful as a moon hiding its unbeatable beauty behind clouds. Her flawless beauty appeared to be all the more mesmerizing in the bright light. Her face was glowing and reflecting the light like the moon reflects the sunlight. She was undeniably beautiful. The sparkle in her eyes and the movement of her soft pink lips as she bit them left him flabbergasted. Her lips, exquisite pink lips were pouting and parting in poetic rhythmic movements showering upon the beholder an array of flying kisses. God, the skilled craftsman and she, proof of his perfection. He too had a past, many a women had wanted to call him their own but never had he met a one who just ruined his sense of reality.
” I envy your hair so much,” he said as he twisted her fringe that was grazing her face with his finger, and softly tucked it behind her ear.

She closed her eyes at his gesture, leaned into him and with a smile on her face asked him in a whisper, “why?”

He pulled her closer to him, and traced his hand over her face in that exact spot where the fringe lay earlier. “It gets to do this when I am not with you; and I don’t like it; only I am allowed to be this close to you. Can you blame me for wanting you all for myself?”

She leaned a little and reached his lips, lingering over them as she whispered, “I am all yours. Only yours..”



“We are quite different.” She said.

“That is why we have many things to share.” he added immediately.
“What?” She asked perplexed.

“Um, think of it this way, don’t you want to look forward for something new in life, I mean imagine a world where all stories had the same start. All films ever made had same plot and all mysteries had the same endings. I believe being similar will make people lonely.” he said taking the last sip of his coffee.

“But don’t you think if people are different in nature and liking, they will fight all the times?” She asked.

“If you personally ask me, I’ll take fights over loneliness. No one can play chess if all pieces have same colors. ” he said as a strand of hair fell on her face and she tucked it behind her left ear.

“Not a bad perception.” She said, smiling.


They both stood at the tip of the cliff with many other spectators and watched. It was a beautiful event; with fireworks, performances and music.

“I want to come back here again,” she said in daze.

“Yes, me too. I want to see this again but with you by my side,” he replied looking into her eyes.

She blushed a shade of pink and tackled him in a hug before whispering in a voice which could be easily missed if he wasn’t too close to her. “Don’t you think you will get bored with same old me?”

He smooched her full on the mouth, “Do you think you will get bored of these kisses and me?” he asked, raising his eyes as he looked into her eyes, smiling mischievously.

And all she could smile and look away.

There was a misunderstanding between them. They didn’t talk to each other while they walked down together near the empty neighborhood. The silence was killing both of them, and their ego was playing along, caressing the issue.

Finally he could not take it anymore; the silent night had to be broken. Turning to her just said “You know what?”

Knowing what he would say, and even before he said it, she said it,

“I love you too”

They walk in silence again but with their hands entwined.