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O’Remember the Nights (Part 1)


O’ Remember the nights..
Remember the nights we shared,
The ones under the moon,
The ones on our bed,

O’ Remember the nights we made our world,
The nights when I drank from the Elixir of your eyes..
The nights when you broke down into my arms,and cried as I held you tight..

Remember the nights when we rode off into the moonlight,
And watched over the city from the skies,
The nights when we danced till the morning lights,
The nights when we were us, without a care in the world..

O’ Remember the nights..
Remember the nights when I cooked for you,
The burnt morsel was placed higher than Ambrosia..
Remember the nights, you wore my football tees,
Curled up with me, cheered for the Reds to win..

Remember the nights when we lasted for hours on Skype,
The nights when I danced for you, and made you laugh till you could cry no more
The nights when we talked till we did talk anymore..

For I thank you for these nights, from the bottom of my heart. For all those memories are special to me. Always will be. You all made me the man I am today. I shall never forget what you all meant to me. And I shall never forget what you made me.

Remember the night when I proposed..
And to think a single yes could tear apart my world..


Dear Females..

Dear Females,

I am done. Finished. Fed up being the good guy. Hearing stories about girls not trusting guys because they cheated, broke their hearts, threatened them or became physical with them. I always hear stories that of girls saying that they just don’t want to be with a guy because of their previous relationships and they are waiting for the good guy and all that. You’re all waiting for your good guy. Your prince in shining armor. All bullshit.

You wouldn’t know a good guy even if one stood in front of you. You look past him infact. “But I always thought we were good friends, nothing more !! And I’m not available emotionally and all”, standard dialogue for every woman when some guy falls for you. Don’t you see if he’s the good guy then or not?? You rather go out with a dickhead who has no idea how to treat a woman and screws you all over, yet you pine for him, worry for him, cry for him..while the other guy.. Your so called “Best Friend” is there by you handing you his napkin. You want men to be chivalrous gents, we are ! just give us a chance to prove it to you. Good guys are there, all around you..and yet all you women wonder where they are..You want good guys?? Know that you’re the ones who make us rare.

I know I’m not going to go down well with many of you..but well who cares..

A good guy..or just another asshole..

I close my eyes and see you,
You smile, like you always do,
You want to speak but words do not come out,
Now I’m left to wonder what that was all about.

I open my eyes to view a room with empty space,
I want to move but time has locked me in a place,
I began to scream the words of the pain I feel,
Then I stop, saying it makes it seem more real,

The hurtful truth cuts me like a knife,
But there’s little I can do with just this one life.
Finally I can walk but slowly I’ll fall down,
My knees will hit the floor so hard but no one will hear a sound,

I’ll question myself how I got here,
Nothing will answer but my fear,
Realizing now I have to face that fact,
I will ask myself how I will react.
Slowly, I’ll start to get up and I’ll look at the sky,
A single tear will fall down my face as I wonder why I cry,

I’ll wonder to myself why I live life this way,
Smiling back, I know I’ll get my answer one day,
Until then I’ll take my little baby steps, hoping for something new,
Having the hope that in the end I’ll finally have a clue.

What makes you strong..someday that same thing breaks you apart..

Hello Readers, I hope this post finds you all well. I am trying out again my chapter wise story model and I hope you all like this one too. Please post your comments on the same.

The Radical Guy (Nipath)


The car veered onto the sidewalk at a breakneck speed. The brakes were useless. I could not have stopped anyways. Hitting the barrier, and breaking it, the car shot off the bridge..Slowly falling, I saw the water coming closer and closer.I closed my eyes. Time it seemed had slowed down. My end could be near as I saw it..I could have prayed. Maybe I should have prayed. But only if praying would keep me afloat. I did not know how to swim..This I knew was going to be my end.

With a deafening crash, the car hit the water, hood first. It stayed arched at that angle for a second or so and then went in. The waters quickly lapped the car up, coming in from every direction. I struggled against the air bag. Unbuckling the seat belt as the water rose to my waist. The car was slowing but steadily going in. My fear and horror of water getting to me, as i realized that on the quiet road there was no one who had seen that crash.My only hope was the air bag. Inflated right after the impact, I slit the inflated structure,releasing the air into car. I rose with the water, a small layer of air remained above as the car was engulfed with water. I gasped for air, breaking on the surface. I knew my survival depended on the air bubble in the car, and slowly but steadily I was running out of oxygen.

Maybe I was hoping too much in the end. The night was silent as death. The water cold,calm,reassuring and calling me in.

A lady..Like None Other..

Never have I seen a girl so beautiful,
With skin so amazingly radiant and flawless.
I know you were no ordinary individual,
Instead you were like a seraphic goddess.

“Beautiful” was the first word that came to mind,
As you walked into the room and caught my eye.
You possess a beauty so rare and hard to find,
Like a sacred treasure money cannot buy.

There are some, who get a chance with this treasure,
And spend their time talking instead of doing what they say.
But that opportunity rarely lasts forever,
For they don’t know how to treat this goddess the right way.

But I am not like those who came before me,
Because I don’t try saying the right thing just to get with you.
So, just give me a chance and I promise you’ll see,
That I know how to treat a woman…especially one like you.


I never knew I had the courage to do this..Write about something that haunts me..This was a brush with the unknown..Something that made believe not to screw around with the forces of the other world and that some places are not meant to be visited or even remotely tried to be found again..Somethings better lay at peace..Somethings better be..This story involves a few friends..They do not want to be named..They shall not be..They were there with me and this is our secret..So be it..

Youth..The times when life’s carefree and there are no worries..No fear of the future, nothing at all..We were wandering free birds, newly gotten our mean machines, read our bikes and being the youngsters we were, we would head out on Saturday Nights to explore places. In and around the city, roaming like free birds in the name of nightouts we had gone and explored a various number of places..Various eating joints, Various places where we could sit for hours ordering just a cutting cup of tea and laugh and cry without being hushed about and made to leave our table..But we also did discover a haunted place..A place and an experience that still haunt us..will haunt us..Forever..

We rode out into the night..The six of us, three bikes and a night full of adventure waiting for us. We took to the highway, the wind in our hair, the laughter on the road resounding around us and not looking back one bit..I wish we had, Because if we did, we would have made a choice and then it wouldn’t have happened. And I would not have been writing this.

We sped along, getting off the highway on to a road leading somewhere, none of us were afraid, just enjoying the ride in the night and each other’s company. We weren’t looking where we were going and where we were headed..Just following the road.Maybe the company of your friends does you that. Having them around you gives you a sense of uplifting and knowing that having them around you. Maybe that’s why we survived.That’s why we got out of that place..

Like I said we rode off the highway, onto a dusty track, my friend leading the way saying he knew of a place to go and sit around. We followed. We always did. Anyone would do. But what he didn’t say that he’d lost the way..He didn’t say he didn’t know where we were going..And we didn’t question him..

The night and it’s surroundings got better of us, the talks died down, and the howling winds made our arms tug deeper into ourselves. The lights and the civilizations were left far behind as our headlights pierced the pitch black darkness that surrounded and engulfed us. The fears growing when around the path I saw that there were hardly any plantations growing, half cut crops swayed in the breeze, the moonlight glowing upon them.

The figures of a few houses drew up close as we headed to the end of the road. We got off, and at that exact moment, a cry rain through the air, the cry if a cat, somewhere we could not see. My heart skipped a beat and my friends nervously stared at each other. We didn’t what to do for sometime, rooted to the spot. The darkness engulfed us again. The moonlight not helping.

Finally we did get ourselves under control, and regrouped. I looked around, seeing three huts and a single brick house, the only one with a door, and it was shut. One of my friends realized that it was unnaturally quiet for a dwelling place. He was right. There was a pin drop silence except for the rustling of the leaves. We should have left then, but the young blood, the urge that anything can be taken on drove us to go and look inside the houses. Only later did we realize that somethings in this world cannot be taken on. Nor are they meant to be.

We split into groups of two. Four of us headed to the huts and two headed to the brick house. The huts were to the right and the brick house to the left and our bikes behind us. I walked to the hut, peeking around, trying to look inside and trying to figure out what was on the inside, when I realized the hut had no door. I beckoned to my friend and went inside. He was right behind me, and what we say..froze our blood.

Inside the hut, were clothes strewn around, just thrown there, the utensils half overturned and left. It looked as if someone had left the place in a hurry, and in the moonlight I saw a rag doll, looking straight at the door.

I half expected it to get up and walk towards us or offer us a sinister smile but it didn’t. My friend looked around and we both were scared, our heart beats rising and we went out and were headed to our bikes where my other two friends stood, beckoning them to start the bikes and get out of that place. We didn’t notice the other two friends who were at the brick house, and we turned around when one of them let out a cry.

I ran, as fast as I could and say one of them had fallen down, and the other one was trying to get him to stand up and move. I rushed into help, the man on the floor pointing towards something. And then I saw. The red hand print. The human hand print on the half closed door of the house. The red, the blood, still flowing down on the door..Running, still fresh..and all I could do was freeze.

An arm jerked me to my senses and we ran to our bikes and quickly powered them up and sped off. Just drove, nobody talked, still shivering, still reliving the moment. And I looked back as we sped away, and I know I say a black cat, it’s eyes shining and just staring at us.


We went back to our friend’s and just sat there till wee hours in the morning. We’v never talked about it and that certainly brought an end to our late night outings. I did talk to him, the friend who fell down and pointed that hand print out of me. This is what he said had happened.

” You guys went to the huts and I and T were still skeptical about going in. He insisted that we should get a look. I went first, he was behind me. The door was a two door and both had to be shut to be locked. Both of them were open. I swung the right side in and T was behind me. We stepped inside and just then, the left side swung shut, itself. T rushed first opening the door and just stood there, horrified. I ran into him and we both fell, he got up and then I saw that. The hand print. Blood all over, and I swear it was fresh blood, because it was still oozing down from the print. I was stunned and T was trying to get me up. I don’t know what would have happened if we were a little inside but I don’t know how the door was shut by itself”

I don’t know myself how the print was on the outer part of the door, but whatever it was, it was sign.. A sign that somethings in life shouldn’t be messed around with. Mortals are not meant to.

My Destiny..

Together we may struggle
but without you all I feel is pain.
Sometimes I may seem confused
but there is one thing that will never change.

The feelings I have for you don’t fade or go away.
They continue to grow stronger each day with every day.
Life without you is something I can’t imagine.
From within my soul, it’s you I miss.

I understand this world more than you may know.
I could believe in fate and put up a fight.
Cuz you and I are written.
And it is a truth I’d like to write.

We both have scars,
with memories that can not be erased,
but together we are stronger.
In your hands my heart has been placed.

This is a choice I have made.
I understand the risk I take.
Please hold my heart dear to you.
Careful to never break.

If you do stumble or fall,
please don’t forget to gather all the pieces.
It’s your choice of what to do with them.
My love for you never ceases.

What’s meant to be..Shall always find a way..Always..Whatever we share, means the world to me..We might go through ups and downs..everybody does..but I know that we will make it..They say a man makes his own destiny by his actions..I know my destiny and the destination.. 🙂

For what I need to live with has been given to me by the earth…Why I need to live has been given to me by you..

How we love..

“You’re in love with me… Why ?” She asked.

“Beats the shit out of me…But I am…” was my only reply..

She tightened my grip on my hand. I looked up at her, standing besides me. Her hair swaying, her lips constantly moving, her eyes swaying, surveying the new environment with a sense of awe and fear. I smiled at her. We were best friends since kindergarten and finally in high school. She never left my hand till we reached her class. Hugging me, she turned and walked away. I watched her go, as if waiting for her to stop and look back. She did, and I sheepishly smiled and waved back. My best friend was my love, and I so wanted to tell her that I loved her. Loved her so very much but I was afraid. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid to lose her. Afraid of losing my best friend. My love.

Like a seraph skimming the clouds, as she walked up to the stage to receive her graduation scroll, my heart skipped a beat. I stood up to clap for her. She ran towards me, ecstatic and hugged me, planting a big kiss on my cheek, as she thanked me for being there with her all this time and also for being her best friend. I wanted to correct her but the words never came. Her mirth drowned out my words, What if my words would hurt her ? I was afraid. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid to lose her. Afraid of losing my best friend. My love.

I took her hand and lead her down the aisle, looking up at her. She smiled nervously, making me twitch. They say a woman always looks most beautiful in her bridal dress. I couldn’t have agreed more. Like an angel descending from the sky she moved slowly towards the alter. With each step she took forward, I felt my love walking away. A love which only I had known of. A tear fell from my eye as she uttered ” I Do”. I wanted to tell her that it should have been myself in place of Matthew, but it was a secret which I had to carry with me to my grave. Because I was afraid. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid to lose her. Afraid of losing my best friend. My love.

I stood in front her grave. Crying, uncontrollably. Rain pelted on my face, soaking me in seconds. Tears rolled down my eyes as they lowered the coffin into the ground. Her diary lay open in my hand, open to a page where she had written, ” I don’t know how to tell this to Neil, but I love him so much. I think he loves me too but I’m afraid to ask. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid to lose him. Afraid of losing my best friend. My love. But I hope he knows ”

Too late. Too afraid. But my best friend, my true love was gone..Gone forever..

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Waking up, looking at you
and knowing the sun is high in the blue-
I realize everything is beautiful.

Feeling you brush across my cheek
brings my morning to its peak-
I realize everything is beautiful.

Sipping my coffee, I look into your eyes
Ones full of life, joy, love and surprise-
I realize everything is beautiful.

Hearing the words slip from your lips
those same which greeted me with a morning kiss-
I realize everything is beautiful.

Love, you don’t know what you do
But every move… makes me more in love with you.
So, Good Morning, Beautiful. You are My Everything.

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I have found out, over the past several years, that one of the hardest things to do is to be honest with myself. And even writing this out is so difficult…

Nonsense, in fact, is a very difficult thing- it lasts, but a while!!

A fair realization of the incredible degree of diversity I follow, appeals! – For me, it’s all the experiences that I’ve been through, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the laughter and the tears, the friends and the jerks, the black and the white… everything; – Struggling to be restored to the place where it belongs!! I’d like to know more stuff, but probably can’t be bothered to find out.

Important? Yes! Critical? Absolutely. I would go so far as to say that…

Once a man has changed the relationship between himself and his environment, he cannot return to the blissful ignorance he left. Motion, of necessity, involves a change in perspective. Theories, for me, are judged by the coherence they lend to our natural experience and the simplicity with which they do so… For, if you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.

And all of it is alive with the hideous vitality of things that have organized themselves amid disorganization. I’m a proactive daydreamer, inactive achiever. Trilingual, Metrosexual, Polyphonic- and all of it bottoms up!

My head is in the clouds, but my feet are well grounded. I love to dance. Laughter is definitely the elixir that cures all ills.

And for those who fall in love every Monday, and those who don’t, and those who might – One of the most dangerous things you can ask for when it comes to love, is a warranty card!!

It’s been a long time since I saw the moon…

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