Category: The Special Someone….

For the special someone..You know who you are..and that is enough..

I will walk with you without going astray
Even if hardships ahead they lay
I will give you a loving hug everyday
No matter whether the sky is sunny or gray
I will shield you when harm comes your way
You must not be hurt come what may
I will make your days happy and gay
For your fears I will try to allay
I will remember the days to buy you a bouquet
‘Till I’m old and my memory is in disarray
I now only have this to convey
That I love you and my love is here to stay.

Forever and Ever. Till eternity and beyond.

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Why do we love ??

When u miss & love someone you will go thru everything that needs to be gone thru…just to keep this special person in your life. you will experience pain, tears, lust, hurt, a broken heart, u will feel that if u ever lose him/her you will not want to live anymore, before they walk out of your life you will rather take their steps so you can always step back to them, you cant imagine a world without this person, u cant trust anyone but yourself, you will do anything in order to have this person forever in your heart, you will cry yourself to sleep when you’ve been hurt, you’ll miss them all the time, you never stop smiling when u are with them, you’ll always remember that first and last kiss, you’ll dream of them close to u and wake up crying thinking that the dream was real, you’ll have butterflies in your tummy every time you think of them, you’ll have to lie just in case you lose them, you’ll always picture there smile and put it in a frame, you’ll weep for them if they feel pain, you’ll keep every moment with them in your heart so they will always b with you, you’ll do everything for them, you’ll die for them, you’ll live for them..and thus i guess the reason i love u so much…Muah :*

My Angel….

The skies are free from clouds,
On this late Saturday evening.
A boy sits hugging his knees,
Enduring the cool October breeze.

The ocean waves crash ashore,
Beating against the rocks below.
On this cliff standing tall,
He prepares to take a fall.

In love he is with a beautiful girl,
Now to tell her how he feels.
Panic bells ring around his ears,
As day dreams bring him to tears.

She found him sitting alone,
Wondering if anything was wrong.
A fake smile is all he could do,
While contemplating an ‘I love you’

Before he could turn to speak,
She hushed his quivering lips.
Deep into his eyes she stared,
And told him how much she cared.

He apologizes to God in his mind,
‘Sorry God, I’m stealing an angel’
He can see Heaven in her eyes,
It takes away all his butterflies.

He manages to say ‘I love you’
She smiles and returns the words.
He looks at the Heavens above,
As he kisses his one true love…

Love u my Angel…Thank u for being there for me when i needed u….Thank u for loving me back…Thank u for being my inspiration….Love u…U know who u are and so let it be….