Hello Readers, I hope this post finds you all well. I am trying out again my chapter wise story model and I hope you all like this one too. Please post your comments on the same.

The Radical Guy (Nipath)


The car veered onto the sidewalk at a breakneck speed. The brakes were useless. I could not have stopped anyways. Hitting the barrier, and breaking it, the car shot off the bridge..Slowly falling, I saw the water coming closer and closer.I closed my eyes. Time it seemed had slowed down. My end could be near as I saw it..I could have prayed. Maybe I should have prayed. But only if praying would keep me afloat. I did not know how to swim..This I knew was going to be my end.

With a deafening crash, the car hit the water, hood first. It stayed arched at that angle for a second or so and then went in. The waters quickly lapped the car up, coming in from every direction. I struggled against the air bag. Unbuckling the seat belt as the water rose to my waist. The car was slowing but steadily going in. My fear and horror of water getting to me, as i realized that on the quiet road there was no one who had seen that crash.My only hope was the air bag. Inflated right after the impact, I slit the inflated structure,releasing the air into car. I rose with the water, a small layer of air remained above as the car was engulfed with water. I gasped for air, breaking on the surface. I knew my survival depended on the air bubble in the car, and slowly but steadily I was running out of oxygen.

Maybe I was hoping too much in the end. The night was silent as death. The water cold,calm,reassuring and calling me in.